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tutoring and private language courses



Pepe & Co Education and Travel Ltd. offers you ​many different ways to explore languages and culture together. We have degree in MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) as well as Educational Sciences certificates with many years of teaching and tourism experience. We provide language courses, educational, and cultural tour programs. 


Our services include; one-on-one and/or small group lessons in Spanish, English, French and Turkish. One-on-one and/or small group English courses for non-native English speakers and any International students who want to improve their language capabilities.


Each program is carefully designed for the individual needs of our students. 

We strongly believe in that everyone can become fluent in a foreign language if provided with the right guidance and help. Regardless of your specific needs, we will do all we can to design a learning experience that will meet your needs and interests. 

Our Services

Cambridge Exam preparation lessons for non-native English speakers and International students. DELE Exam preparation lessons. Summer, spring, and/or winter activity tours and language course tours for high school university students and adults in UK and Spain. Touristic and cultural tours in UK all year round.

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